(2010, Sunnyside)

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Jazz Singing Gets Amazing: Rebecca Martin and Jen Chapin

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You Should Be listening To…


“Rebecca Martin’s “When I Was Long Ago” (Sunnyside) is one of the most exceptional jazz vocal recordings of the year….it is rare to find a vocalist working without a piano or guitar. The sound is airy and spacious, and Messrs. Grenadier and McHenry contribute equally to the performance, rather than serving as mere backing musicians to Ms. Martin’s vocals.”
– Martin Johnson, The Wall Street Journal

“The immortal duets of vocalist Sheila Jordan with virtuoso bassists Cameron Brown and Harvie S, and with pianist extraordinaire, Steve Kuhn, now have a boon companion in Rebecca Martin’s extraordinary trio album, When I Was Long Ago. Placing it with Jordan’s legendary recordings is a must. The result is most extraordinary, absolutely delightful and thoroughly unforgettable….This is gripping music from a star whose time has surely come, with the intriguingly beautiful When I Was Long Ago.”
– Raul D’Gama Rose, All About Jazz


“It’s deceivingly difficult, what she’s up to here; she’s dedicated only to giving this material a great “read,” of getting every breath and syllable and pitch and phrase just so. She doesn’t scat or improvise, and she doesn’t have to. A melody can be a marvel. And when she gets it right — which she does pretty frequently — it’s exquisite.”
– Patrick Jarenwattananon, NPR

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