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  1. Cindy Trent
    Cindy Trent says:

    I am happy to say I saw you perform at Mountain Stage in Charleston West Virginia. I was so impressed I bought your CD in the lobby. So sad that there was never a second CD.

  2. Voision Xi
    Voision Xi says:


    Nice to write you here!
    I just bought a sheet music on your website of the song ‘ The space in a song to sing’ . Please check it and let me know when I can receive the materials. Thank you so much!


  3. James Olson (née Jim Puiia)
    James Olson (née Jim Puiia) says:

    Hanging out by the fire sipping scotch and listening to Once Blue. Remembering ancient times awkwardly playing music in the garage at Rumford. So amazed at the roads you’ve traveled and listen to you often. Hoping you and your husband are well.

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