“Having worked with an all-star cast of jazz musicians throughout her career, Martin has forged her own personal style of vocals and composition, sometimes situated firmly in a folk music styling, sometimes in jazz, and sometimes in that unmasked space between genres where a simple song can move mountains.  And Klein, in his unique vocalization of NYC modern jazz, the element of Argentinean folk has always been an essential component of the pianist’s work.  On The Upstate Project, those shared qualities snap right into place.  As does their approach to melody.  Like an icicle, sometimes the beauty manifests in the patient melt of individual droplets of notes and sometimes it’s when the body of song captures every facet of a sunbeam… there’s an appealing confluence of free flowing verse and song structure that keeps the attention riveted in place.” – Bird is the Worm

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Martin / Klein,  The Upstate Project  Downbeat (****)

Rebecca Martin and Guillermo Klein  Bird is the Worm (Best of 2017)

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