“Rebecca Martin’s brilliant and slowly expanding discography remains a treasure-trove mostly reserved for a rather small group of adepts to relish. We can only hope that After Midnight will introduce her compositional ingenuity to a wider audience. It should. ” – Pat Youngspiel, All About Jazz

“Valentine’s Day is a perfect moment to celebrate the marital bond. And I can think of no better song for such a gesture than “In the Nick of Time (State of the Union),” from a new collaboration between singer-songwriter Rebecca Martin, bassist Larry Grenadier, and the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos of Portugal. The song originated as a Grenadier composition, “State of the Union,” featured on the self-titled debut by the trio FLY in 2004. Recently, Martin — who is in fact married to Grenadier — set lyrics to the song, with a new title, “In the Nick of Time.” (That version can be heard on The Upstate Project, made with composer-arranger Guillermo Klein.) The gentle grandeur of the Matosinhos arrangement complements the spare elegance of the lyrics, about a spouse’s return after a season’s absence. “They’ll see it through,” Martin sings. “For he is her muse / She is his, too / Just in the nick of time.” Nate Chinen, WBGO “Dedications and devotions: Evocative new music for Valentine’s Day in Take Five”