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    December 1-2, 2012

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    Class 1 - Saturday, December 1st, 2012: 11:00am - 2:00pm

    Methods and process of songwriting.

    “Methods and Process of Songwriting” will take participants on a journey through the musical paths and varied songwriting methods of Tillery’s Rebecca Martin, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens. This revealing lecture with Q&A will enlighten and inspire through a range of topics that include early musical experiences, writers block, breakthroughs, connecting your creative work to your daily life and finding your true voice.

    Class 2 - Saturday, December 1st 3:00pm - 6:00pm
    Methods in Practice.

    “Methods in Practice” guides participants through several unique songwriting processes with hands on writing and composing exercises done individually and in collective groups. Guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing!

    Class 3 - Sunday, December 2nd 11:00am - 2:00pm
    Who are you really? - Presenting yourself and connecting to your audience on and off stage.

    “Who are you really? Presenting yourself and connecting to your audience on and off stage” is designed to help participants become more aware of how they are presenting themselves. The group will discuss a range of topics that include performance, band leading, speaking on stage, social media, public image, healthy living and the impact an artist can make in their local communities.

    Class 4 - Sunday, December 2nd 3:00pm - 6:00pm
    Sharing songs with discussion and feedback

    A comfortable and nurturing setting to present finished or unfinished music, songs or poems. Participants may simply share or request valuable feedback while soaking in the creative energy of others. Build confidence and be inspired while connecting with new friends or potential musical partnerships.

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    Tillery Master Class POLICY

    Your payment in full is refundable in the event of your cancellation from the program up until November 15th, 2012. Cancellation before this date will result in a full refund minus a $10 processing fee and must be made in writing via e-mail sent to by an adult 18 or over.   Sorry, we cannot issue any refund for cancellation requests received after November 15th.

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