Rebecca Reunites Songwriters from “The Independence Project” on Sunday, September 18th

Sunday, September 18th – Live at the Falcon, Marlboro, NY. Showtime 7:30pm.

Back in the late 90’s, “The Independence Project” was a platform created by Rebecca Martin who had recently exited her group ‘Once Blue’, a band that she co-led with songwriter Jesse Harris. “I wanted to organize something that would bring together others to help develop their music and sound by way of live performance” says Martin. By creating several groups of three musicians, each would share their resources with one another while touring one region of the Country at a time. The goal was to build in a new region each year until the group was touring for up to half the year. “It was a great opportunity for all of us to perform more often in and out of New York City during our down time”. A little over ten years later, Rebecca reunites members for an unforgettable evening of songs and stories with renowned singer/songwriters Amy Correia, Jim Allen, Frank Tedesso, Timothy Hill, Jane Kelly Williams, Jen Clapp and Alice Biershorst.